Purchasing Texas Homeowners Insurance Can Get Confusing

Duncanville Insurance Services understands the difficulties of finding the right homeowner’s insurance. Our homeowner insurance professionals research multiple carriers to get you the best home insurance policy available for your home protection and peace of mind!

The protection needs of every home owner vary and your home insurance policy should protect you in case of an injury or disaster. Our homeowner insurance professionals can create a home insurance policy that coincides with you and your families standard of living. Contact Duncanville Insurance Services today for more information on your comprehensive home insurance protection options. Complete our simple quote form and will contact you concerning your free homeowners insurance quote!


Duncanville Insurance Services understands the need for quality, affordable homeowners insurance. We can provide you with highly competitive Homeowner Insurance rates that saves you money. Our failing economy continues to cause the cost for home repairs, medical treatments, theft claims and injury lawsuits, there are steps you can take to save money on your homeowner insurance rates.

Complete our insurance quote form or give an auto insurance professional a call at 972-283-9595. We will be happy to give you a quote by phone and explain all of your coverage options.


  • 1. Increase Your Deductible
    You assume more of the claims risk but reduces your premium.
  • 2. Bundle Insurance Purchasing both your home and auto coverage from Duncanville Insurance Service can qualify you for discounts.
  • 3. Disaster Proof Disaster-proof your home against the devastating affects of nature. Reinforce windows and doors, trim trees and bushes, lock down cars and tools.

Basic Texas Homeowner Insurance Policy Coverage

The cost for your homeowner insurance rates will vary according to your home’s features and location.

  • Structural DamageNatures elements can reek havoc on your homes structure. You should protect yourself from the expense of structural repairs.
  • Replacement CostsThe right homeowners policy protects you from the massive expense of rebuilding your home in the case of a natural or man made disaster.
  • Personal PossessionsYour valuable possessions are sometimes irreplaceable. Homeowners insurance can certainly ease the pain and burden of replacing what you can up to a set limit.
  • Living ExpensesWhen your home is destroyed, the right policy coverage will cover the expenses involved with finding temporary living quarters.
  • LiabilityIf someone should become injured while on your property, your homeowners insurance coverage will cover medical expenses up to a set limit.
  • Valuable ArticlesYou can also add supplemental policies that cover the cost of stolen or lost valuables.
  • Flood InsuranceFlood insurance typically is not part of a basic homeowner insurance policy. You should know if your home location is prone to flooding.
  • Umbrella InsuranceUmbrella insurance is supplemental policy protection that is additional liability coverage.
  • Animal LiabilityMany dog breeds and other animal species are excluded from standard homeowner policies. Animal attacks could leave you liable for incurred expenses.